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WELCOME!   You are another vital link to restoring the river to its free flowing heritage and the salt marsh it nourishes. With your help, this is the first major environmental restoration on the Georgia coast.

Please go tothe  Plans and Actions page for the latest developments, including the Boat Launch Project.

Our broad based group is  from all over Georgia and beyond.  Please sign the guest book, join our band and donate to save the river!  Go to:  

WHERE:  About 40 miles south of Savannah at Exit 67 on I-95.

WHY:  The builders of  I-95 excavated salt marsh which caused extensive river bank and marsh erosion and then silting in of the riverbed.  Besides tremendous loss of important estuarine habitat, river navigation is threatened.  

MISSION:  Restoration and protection of the South Newport River and its salt marsh in coastal McIntosh and Liberty counties in  Georgia.  Permanently preserve the US  Route 17 boat ramp and increase public use. 

PROGRAM:  Organize a grassroots based effort to restore the South Newport river bank and its eroded salt marsh for the benefit of fish, wildlife and public interests.  Develop public awareness that the river will be lost without action.  Engage community action volunteers and students.  Lead the coordination of private and public resources to repair and reestablish the river, its environment, and all its marine and bird inhabitants. 

Increase public and government agency awareness of the immediate danger to the watershed.

Restore three breaks in the South Newport river bank and its full tidal flows to thousands  of marsh land acres in the most biologically productive area on earth.

Reestablish 60 or more acres of eroded salt marsh.

Undertake short and long term river stewardship programs with community participation.

To enable our mission, Friends has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity under section 501 (c) 3 of the Code.  As such, donations to Friends are fully deductible to the extent provided by law.  Kindly consider joining the band at

.  See our River Network connection at

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